Sorry Pretty Little Liars fanatics, we've shut down the Pretty Little Liars forum.

To be frank, all of the watch tv online spambots have become more annoying than the number of times someone has been dug out of the dirt and later found dead (or alive) again in the same hole. 

While we would have loved to continue the forums, since we now have incredible threaded conversations at the main site, we hope you'll be just as happy joining others to talk about your favorite shows there.

We think more of you as a group than the spambots and we want you to be free of that noise.You've raised us up and above with PLL chat and we want you to continue.

You can write as much as you want whenever you want and you'll be notified of any new threads in the discussions by email. 

If you have any questions or comments about the change or you just want to see something very important about Pretty Little Liars addressed by our staff, please contact webmaster at tv fanatic dot com.

We're always going to bring you the latest news, spoilers, photos and clips at the site so you can be sure you'll have plenty of room to chat. 

We've even made it easy for you to watch Pretty Little Liars online if you need to catch up.

Best of all, you can just poke around the Pretty Little Liars information on the site and jump in at any time to get a conversation started. We'll see you there!