Aunt Vi Worries - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 8
Watch Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 8
"Where With All"
Original Air Date:

On Queen Suger Season 1 Episode 8, Darla shows up unexpectedly, Charley makes some changes, and Vi worries about Nova's safety as the storm approaches.

Secrets Are Revealed - American Horror Story
Watch American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 7
"Chapter 7"
Original Air Date:

On American Horror Story: Roanoke Season 6 Episode 7, the nightmare continues in Roanoke with Chapter 7 of the story.

RichDot Com - Blindspot
Watch Blindspot Season 2 Episode 7
"Resolves Eleven Myths"
Original Air Date:

On Blindspot Season 2 Episode 7, needing assistance from the FBI with a matter of upmost importance, Rich Dotcom returns looking for assistance.

Talking To Kyle - South Park
Watch South Park Season 20 Episode 6
"Fort Collins"
Original Air Date:

On South Park Season 20 Episode 6, Gerald faces ruin if his internet activity becomes public while Cartman starts to realize the future is in jeopardy.

A Budding Romance - Survivor
Watch Survivor Season 33 Episode 6
"The Truth Works Well"
Original Air Date:

On Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X Season 33 Episode 6, an immunity idol is found, and Figgy and Taylor regret not revealing their romance to their tribe.

Defining His Presidency - Designated Survivor
Watch Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 5
"The Mission"
Original Air Date:

On Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 5, President Kirkman makes a difficult decision that will define his presidency when he sends Navy SEALs on a mission.

Overrun With Overdoses - Chicago PD
Watch Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 5
"A War Zone"
Original Air Date:

On Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 5, child who shares a twisted secret about his home life with Burgess and Tay, while the city is overrun with fentanyl overdoses.

A Difficult Situation - Law & Order: SVU
Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 5
"Rape Interrupted"
Original Air Date:

On Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 5, Benson is put in a difficult spot when she investigates a police sergeant's son who is accused of rape.

The Dark Side - Modern Family
Watch Modern Family Season 8 Episode 5
"Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook"
Original Air Date:

On Modern Family Season 8 Episode 5, Luke risks of throwing the worst Halloween party ever, while Lily and Mitchell try to keep Cam from going to the dark side.

House Party - Younger
Watch Younger Season 3 Episode 5
"P Is For Pancake"
Original Air Date:

The gang attends a house party on Younger Season 3 Episode 5, "P Is For Pancake," and Diana appears to have recognized Bryce has it out for the olds.