On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8, Ryan makes a last effort to save everyone while things develop unexpectedly back in Gotham. Alice gets her revenge although not as planned

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Ryan is intent to take an adrenaline/cortisone shot to give her enough energy to get to Coryana and save Kate and get some Desert Rose to save herself.
Allice is still intent on killing Kate.
Luke goes to Sophie with the intel on Alice's tracker. Sophie and Jacob prepare to leave for Coryana but are attacked by Safiyah's thugs. Luke, Mary, and Ryan watch their abduction via Sophie's body cam.
Ryan takes the shot and then has to make a HALO jump from a plane in order to land on Coryana. She leaves her plant in the care of Mary.
Safiyah inspects the body Alice claims is Ocean and tells Alice that she had been tracked to Coryana.
Sophie and Jacob wake up in a cell and Tatiana offers Sophie a spot in Safiyah's army. Sophie and Jacob escape.
Batwoman is taken prisoner by some Coryana minions and brought to Safiyah and suggests to Safiyah that she should look closer at the body. Safiyah unmasks the corpse and has Alice imprisoned with Batwoman.
An assassin attacks Luke and Mary but Mary is able to knock her out with a crystal decanter. The assassin falls on top of the plant, bleeding on it. Julia shows up and dispatches her permanently.
Safiyah offers Batwoman a choice of reward and she chooses a Desert Rose. Safiyah brings the real Ocean to Alice to be killed. Alice stabs him and Safiyah takes her to Kate but there is no Kate as that was a lie.
Julia tells Luke and Mary that body parts were found that matched Kate's DNA.
Ryan's plant blooms a Desert Rose and Luke tells Sophie to get Batwoman back to Gotham.
A body wearing Kate's necklace is lying in Gotham's sewers.

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On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8, Batwoman's abilities are tested, while Alice's search for Kate continues, and Luke and Mary have an unexpected guest.

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