Mountain Retreat - Tamar & Vince
Watch Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 8
"Gone Fishin'"
Original Air Date:

On Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 8, Toni watches baby Logan while Tamar, Vince and their friends head off to a mountain retreat with Benzino.

Explaining Santa - Two and a Half Men
Watch Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 8
"Clockwise in Back Hole Until Tight"
Original Air Date:

On Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 8, Alex and Walden decide it's up to them to try and convince Louis that Santa Claus really does exist.

Apologies - Mom
Watch Mom Season 2 Episode 8
"Free Therapy and a Dead Lady's Yard Sale"
Original Air Date:

On Mom Season 2 Episode 8, Christy apologizes to Baxter for her past mistakes while Bonnie shares som unfortunate news.

Invite the Neighbor - The McCarthys
Watch The McCarthys Season 1 Episode 8
"Red Sox Swap"
Original Air Date:

On The McCarthys Season 1 Episode 8, Marjorie invites their heartbroken neighbor to spend Christmas with them and be a part of their very competitive gift giving.

Manhunt - Elementary
Watch Elementary Season 3 Episode 8
"End of Watch"
Original Air Date:

On Elementary Season 3 Episode 8, Holmes and Watson join the manhunt for a cop killer while Kitty tries to find BrainAttic, a blogger sharing private observations made by Sherlock.

A Dangerous Con - White Collar
Watch White Collar Season 6 Episode 6
"Au Revoir"
Original Air Date:

On White Collar Season 6 Episode 6, Neal formulates a new plan as Peter joins in on the dangerous con with the Pink Panthers on the series finale.

Ludo Prepares His Team for the Holiday Challenge - The Taste
Watch The Taste Season 3 Episode 3
"Happy Holidays "
Original Air Date:

On The Taste, the cooks are asked to create holiday themed dishes for the mentors, and the guest judge this week is Naomi Pomerey.

The Final Five - Survivor
Watch Survivor Season 29 Episode 13
"This Is My Time"
Original Air Date:

On Survivor: San Juan del Sur - Blood vs. Water Season 29 Episode 13, the final five castaways compete and must answer questions from the jury.

Troubling Behavior - American Horror Story
Watch American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

On American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Epiode 10, Pepper begins to show troubling behavior while Desiree has her suspicions about Maggie.

Cooking in Boston - Top Chef
Watch Top Chef Season 12 Episode 9
"Big Sausage"
Original Air Date:

On Top Chef Season 12 Episode 9, the contestants are paid a special visit by star tight end Rob Gronkowski. They must also cook meals that are inspired by a literary work from a famous New England author.