Ludo Prepares His Team for the Holiday Challenge - The Taste
Watch The Taste Season 3 Episode 3
"Happy Holidays "
Original Air Date:

On The Taste, the cooks are asked to create holiday themed dishes for the mentors, and the guest judge this week is Naomi Pomerey.

The Final Five - Survivor
Watch Survivor Season 29 Episode 13
"This Is My Time"
Original Air Date:

On Survivor: San Juan del Sur - Blood vs. Water Season 29 Episode 13, the final five castaways compete and must answer questions from the jury.

Troubling Behavior - American Horror Story
Watch American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

On American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Epiode 10, Pepper begins to show troubling behavior while Desiree has her suspicions about Maggie.

Cooking in Boston - Top Chef
Watch Top Chef Season 12 Episode 9
"Big Sausage"
Original Air Date:

On Top Chef Season 12 Episode 9, the contestants are paid a special visit by star tight end Rob Gronkowski. They must also cook meals that are inspired by a literary work from a famous New England author.

Clarke and Finn - Together At Last? - The 100
Watch The 100 Season 2 Episode 8
Original Air Date:

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) returns to Camp Jaha with devastating news and flashbacks reveal Finn and Raven’s (Lindsey Morgan) relationship on the Ark.

A Choreographer - Fix My Choir
Watch Fix My Choir Season 1 Episode 6
"Soul-ed Out"
Original Air Date:

On Fix My Choir Season 1 Episode 6, Deitrick and Michelle step in when a new choir needs help recruiting members and finding it's spiritual center.

Ang's Got a Lot to Say - Mob Wives
Watch Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 3
"Storm a Brewin'"
Original Air Date:

On Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 3, Karen and Natalie's showdown continues at Big Ang's party while Karen learns upsetting news about her boyfriend.

The Chrisleys - Chrisley Knows Best
Watch Chrisley Knows Best Season 2 Episode 12
"Still Chrisley After All These Years"
Original Air Date:

On Chrisley Knows Best Season 2 Episode 12, Julie and Todd chose to celebrate their wedding by throwing a charity event. They raised money for breast cancer as a result.

An Angry Bad Girl - Bad Girls Club
Watch Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 11
"Reunion Part 1"
Original Air Date:

It's time to reunite on Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 11. Old feuds are reignited and the ladies reunite on this special installment of the series.

Gibbs' Rules - NCIS
Watch NCIS Season 12 Episode 10
"House Rules"
Original Air Date:

On NCIS Season 12 Episode 10, McGee writes a heartfelt letter to his father reflecting on Gibbs' infamous rules while the team uses a group of cyber-terrorists as consultants.