Angelina  - Manifest Season 4 Episode 3
This is a still of Manifest Season 4 Episode 3 on Netflix.

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Manifest Season 4 Episode 3: "High Flight"
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Manifest Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Michaela: We have everything we need for a new investigation.
Jared: The precinct's gonna push back on this.
Michaela: Jared.
Ben: The day I buried Grace, I made a promise that I'd bring our baby home. I've never been this close. We have to move now.
Jared: We gotta bypass the precinct. Meet me at the Registry in an hour.
Ben: The Registry? No, they are not gonna help us. Eden's not even a passenger, and her case is with missing persons.
Jared: There's no law enforcement agency that'd be more aggressive in tracking down a passenger wanted for murder. And an ex-partner of yours has the juice to put it right at the top of their pile.

Michaela: Uh, Captain. Michaela Stone.
Amuta: Stone. Right, the detective. Not anymore, but it looks like you're still flying.
Amuta: Private jets now. Boss brags he's got an 828 pilot and puts up with the fact that I have to get rubber-stamped here every time I touch down in New York.
Michaela: Look, I know you saw what I saw. The lightning. We're sharing a Calling.
Amuta: I'm due at Teterboro. I have a plane to fly.
Michaela: This isn't something that we can just turn our backs on.
Amuta: I'm sorry. I don't have time for this.
Michaela: Amuta, please! Amuta! Come on. No...