Asa Confronts Quinn! - UnREAL Season 3 Episode 6
Rachel's hiding her dad on set. If only he would stay hidden! When Rachel loses track of him, she finds Asa on set, yelliing at Quinn for mistreating his daughter. It will serve as the final straw to force Rachel to get her dad real help.

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UnREAL Season 3 Episode 6: "Transference "
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UnREAL Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I am a person, I'm not just a job. I’ve put my entire life on indefinite hold for this show. For you, Serena. So I’m so sorry if things aren’t as picture perfect as you seem to believe you are.


You can have 'Take Your Daddy to Work Day' some other time. Madison may be able to screw her way into useful information, but she cannot perform your voodoo. You said you wanted to find Serena love, so go find it for her.