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Rachel and dad Asa run into Jeremy. RG begs him not to tell dad's on set.

Rach wants to buy cabin for her and her dad

Quinn and Chet push boundaries to find a scandal with enough romance to keep things wet. Hone in on Guy and Warren. 

Suitor’s game: Skins vs. skins! 

Dad wanders into Serena’s bathroom. Whoops. Withdrawing. Doc sees his tremors on the truck cam.

Xavier finds out Alexi's hosting PTD.

 Serena speed-dates the suitors. Picks Guy for the night's date.

Jay and Xavier split.   

Quinn confronts Warren about his love for Guy —swears he’s not gay!

Rachel fights with Serena. She’s not just her job --she's a real person!

Jasper woos Serena w $100k of flowers. Asks the Suitress to take a risk on him.

She’ll think about it. Ouch!

Quinn and Chet talk Guy into a gay storyline in exchange his own restaurant.

Asa loses it on set. Quinn tries to convince RAG to get dad real help.

Graham outdoes himself with night vision goggles plug at Elimination!

Guy quits. Warren eliminated.

Warren confronts Quinn, “This is my life!”

Quinn tells Chet to FIGHT for what he wants. He seems to want Quinn.  

Rachel checks Asa into treatment unit. Spends her money on his care. Her cabin dreams are dashed.  

Quinn tells Jeremy to walk away.  

Jay depressed about the breakup. Alexi offers Jay coke and … he does it!   

Rachel exits dad’s facility. Dr Simon is waiting outside. Rachel and doctor EMBRACE. 

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UnREAL Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I am a person, I'm not just a job. I’ve put my entire life on indefinite hold for this show. For you, Serena. So I’m so sorry if things aren’t as picture perfect as you seem to believe you are.


You can have 'Take Your Daddy to Work Day' some other time. Madison may be able to screw her way into useful information, but she cannot perform your voodoo. You said you wanted to find Serena love, so go find it for her.