Todd and Sam

Todd and Sam are the on-again, off-again couple at the heart of Samantha Who? Will they ever find happiness?

Todd and Samahta

The incredibly delicious Todd talks to Samantha in this scene from ABC's Samantha Who? When will this couple just get together already?

Todd Photo

Todd used to date Samantha. But she doesn't exactly recall their break up.

Samantha Who? Quotes

Sam: Couple of good things about being in a coma: no fattening food, lots of rest, they sponge you down every day. It's like a spa. Bad things: my nose itches, I have something called the "Pina Colada Song" stuck in my head, and, oh yeah, sometimes I can hear what people in my room are saying.

Sam: Good things about amnesia: all new clothes, no re-runs. Bad: every minute is like that dream where you haven't been to class all year, and the test is now.