Claire chaperone - A Teacher Season 1 Episode 3
Claire chaperones the homecoming dance on A Teacher Season 1 Episode 3.

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A Teacher
A Teacher Season 1 Episode 3: "Episode 3"
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A Teacher Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Claire: Can we just talk about this another time?
Matt: Yeah, sure. I just thought we were going to talk about it tonight.
Claire: I just started at Westerbrook. I don’t really want to be pumped full of hormones right now.
Matt: Yeah, I get it. I’m just gonna say this one thing: Whenever you’re ready, we’ll make it work. I just really want to start a family with you.

Claire: Listen, yesterday was not OK.
Eric: I get it. I do. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.
Claire: I’m gonna find you a new tutor.
Eric: I don’t want a new tutor.
Claire: That is not my problem.
Eric: OK, look, I’m sorry.
Claire: If anyone found out what you did yesterday, my life would be ruined.
Eric: I haven’t told anybody, and I’m not going to. I get it. I’m sorry. I should not have kissed you. I understand that. It’s my fault, and it won’t happen again.
Claire: Good.
Eric: OK, good. You’ll… you’ll still tutor me, right?
Claire: No, no, I’m sorry. No.
Eric: Claire… Ms. Wilson, I can’t afford the classes everyone else takes. Please.
Claire: OK, well…
Eric: I’m asking you…
Claire: Listen, if I agree, then you need to promise me…
Eric: I promise.