Conniving Connors - Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 6
Connors should not be trusted at all costs. He will do whatever it takes to survive, so Brigid needs to be careful.

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Cloak and Dagger
Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 6: "Funhouse Mirrors"
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Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Evita: So, we’re doing a reading?
[Shuffles cards]
Clarisse: How go things with that boy of yours?
Evita: He’s not mine.
Clarisse: He’s yours enough.
Evita: Is this your way of having the talk? Because you’re kinda predicting the past.
[She spits water from a bottle]
Clarisse: This reading aint for you. It’s for this city of ours.
Evita: What’s wrong with the city?
Clarisse: S*** goes down from time to time.
[They cleanse with water]
Clarisse: I aint smelling sex on you, but a connection to a power. A power I felt in that boy.
Evita: What does Tyrone have to do with anything?
Clarisse: I don’t know yet, that’s what the reading is for.

Fuchs: Not asking questions has been my thing because you’ve made it clear that you don’t want them asked.
Brigid: And I like that about you.
Fuchs: Be prepared to like me less.
[Awkward silence]
Fuchs: People in this city turn a blind eye and deaf ear to things out of convenience. And the people in this station house are people too, but you are forcing them to pay attention,
Brigid: Well, that’s kinda the point.
Fuchs: I know you know whose attention you’re coming after.
Brigid: And what? You reckon that it won’t work?
Fuchs: No, I’m concerned that it might. Connors is flammable. Don’t play with fire.