On Night Court Season 2, Dan (John Larroquette) and Roz (Marsha Warfield) reunite

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Night Court
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Night Court Quotes

Olivia: This is clearly fraud.
Abby: Well, it’s only fraud if she’s not psychic.
Olivia: Hold on. You want her to prove she’s psychic?
Neil: Yeah, I don’t know if we have time…
Abby: Well, you know what they say – there’s always time for CPLR 40.11 which allows judges broad discretion to regulate the conduct of the trial and of setting a proper decorum. Also, they gave me this fancy wooden hammer, so I kinda get to do what I want.

Abby: Oh no, Arlo forgot his nose ring.
Gurgs: That wasn’t in his nose.
Abby: Dad never mentioned that in his stories.
Gurgs: Welcome to Night Court!