This is a still of The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1 Episode 6.

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The Walking Dead: Dead City
The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1 Episode 6: "Doma Smo"
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The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Maggie: What you did back there, that couldn't have been easy. You think the plan's gonna work?
Negan: I'll say this, he was surprisingly glad to see my ass. Water under the bridge, he said. It's not like our reunion went off without a hitch, but, with all our history, that brotherly bullshit, I have a feelin' he and I may be able to work something out.
Maggie: For me, it wasn't the Statue of Liberty. It was Macy's. When I was little, after my mom got sick, I'd crawl into bed with her and she'd tell me stories. About Santa. The real Santa. Sometimes he'd come down from the North Pole to the Macy's store in Manhattan and visit all the kids. And I used to daydream that one day I'd go to New York, walk into that Macy's, become best friends with the real Santa. He'd take all my toys that I'd lost or that had been broken, and he'd find a way to replace them. And there it is.

Negan: What are you doin' here? How the hell did you get here?
Maggie: Ginny! Ginny!
Negan: You know about this?
Maggie: No. She just turned up at the arena, right before the walkers came, and...
Negan: You can't be here.
Maggie: I think she just wanted to be with you. The flare.
Negan: We gotta go. You can't be here. You hear me? I can't protect you and help Maggie. There was a plan. Her and I, we come here, we get Hershel. You stay with her people, where you're safe! That was the whole goddamn point! That you stay safe. And you know that, Ginny. Shit!
Perlie: I can take her back. You finish what you started. I can take her where she needs to go.
Negan: Listen to me, you're gonna go with him. And he'll keep you safe. He is good people. Ginny, I can't go with you, and you can't stay with me. Hell, you do not want to stay with me. You don't know me, kid. I am not who you think I am.
Ginny: I... want you to...
Negan: No! All these months and now you want to chat? I killed your dad. I'm not wanted for robbing a wagon train. I killed five men. And your dad, he was one of them. It's why I tracked you down to the farm. Why I let you tag along, 'cause I knew you had no one. You? You're just a debt that I had to pay.