Murphy — The 100 Season 4 Episode 13
It's a race against time, and Murphy is doing his part to get everything ready for launch.

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The 100
The 100 Season 4 Episode 13: "Praimfaya"
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The 100 Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Here we go again. Bellamy, if you can hear me, if you're alive, it's been 2,199 days since Praimfaya. I don't know why I still do this every day. Maybe it's my way of staying sane, not forgetting who I am. Who I was. It's been safe for you to come down for over a year now. Why haven't you? The bunker's gone silent, too. We tried to get them out for awhile, but there was too much rubble. I haven't made contact with them either. Anyway, I still have hope. Tell Raven to aim for the one spot of green, and you'll find me. The rest of the planet from what I've seen basically sucks, so... Never mind. I see you.


I love you, big brother. It takes the end of the world for me to say it.