The 100 Season Finale Round Table: Here We Go Again

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When Praimfaya arrived on The 100 Season 4 Episode 13, Clarke was all alone on the surface of the earth and seemed like a goner.

After the bunker was sealed and Bellamy, Raven, Monty, Harper, Emori, Echo, and Murphy narrowly made it onto the Ark (courtesy of Clarke's last-minute self-sacrificing hero move), the show jumped ahead over six years.

Below, TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Caralynn Lippo are joined by Samantha Coley from Tell-Tale TV to discuss everything that went down during the finale. Check out their thoughts, and chime in with your own by leaving us a comment below.

The finale was action-packed but pretty much exclusively focused on Clarke and the others on Becca's island. Who or what else did you miss seeing the most?

Yana: Obviously, the time jump left a lot of questions – specifically about the bunker, because we didn't see a real conclusion to what happened last week and now we don't know what happened after six years.

They also are currently stuck in there because of the destruction, longer than they initially planned, and that makes for an interesting question about how the dynamics might have shifted down there.

Samantha: I totally understand why the finale focused on the story that it did, but I desperately wanted to see more of the bunker plot before the time jump.

How did the chosen react to waking up to finding their loved ones gone and left outside the doors for Praimfaya? How did Abby feel about Kane when she woke up and found out he saved her life even though she'd asked him not to?

A Kabby Moment - The 100 Season 3 Episode 9

Does Abby know that Clarke is alive? What kind of government will they have – is it all in Octavia's hands now? Did they fix Abby's brain? Was there even anything wrong with her brain? I can't wait to get flashbacks that hopefully answer these questions! 

CaralynnWe got a glimpse of Octavia, which was great, but I really think it was a missed opportunity not to show the people who were left out to die sort of dealing with that (and even maybe dying) over in Polis.

That might sound morbid, but this is also a show that showed a literal genocide back in The 100 Season 2. So it seemed weird that we didn't get even a bit of that.

I am also dying to know how Abby reacted to Kane's "betrayal" of her wishes, and specifically whether she managed to get over that over the course of their six years underground together.

Pick your favorite Bellarke moment. (Or, if you could literally care less about Bellarke, tell me why you're over them.)

Yana: Every Bellarke moment ever written. Was that way too broad? All the Bellarke touching – oh wait, that is super broad too.

My favorite part was the setup, and how the time jump shift affected Clarke. She was mourning and not in a place to really feel more than complete love for her partner through all this.

But after six years, she seems happier than ever, and the thing that keeps her sane is reaching out to Bellamy all this time, even though he isn't replying (because I'm assuming there are no stable connections).

This was everything I could have hoped for after The 100 Season 4 Episode 6, where we saw that Bellamy had something he needed to tell Clarke, essentially opening up the idea that he might be coming to terms with some feelings.

Bellamy: It's pathetic, right? She hates me, but I keep coming back for more.
Clarke: She's your sister. She's blood. She'll come around and see how special you are.
Bellamy: Clarke... If I don't see you again...
Clarke: No. You will.

The only issue was how one-sided it seemed a lot of the time because Clarke was still in pain and could only focus on him as the heart to her head. This time around, it was her making that huge step forward.

I would also like to mention that parallel of them closing doors on each other because pain is fun when you ship something stupid amounts. 

Samantha: I'm really over them as a romantic pairing. I just don't see that kind of connection between them. They definitely had some good moments in this finale, though.

I think my favorite has to be the moment Bellamy shares with Raven at the end, where the two of them decide together that they're going to survive, and they're going to keep living for Clarke. Then, we see that Clarke still tries to contact her friends even six years after she last saw them.

I'm interested to see how their relationship will be affected when he finds out she hasn't been dead for the last six years.

Caralynn: It was a really small moment, but I loved Bellamy immediately comforting Clarke when she broke down about not being able to say goodbye to her mom after the radio cut out. The hug was instantaneous, and it absolutely seemed like a way more intimate hug than we have typically gotten from them in the past.

It was just super sweet and showed both how much Bellamy cares about Clarke and how willing she is to be vulnerable around him. Also loved Clarke's rehash of their entire relationship in that same scene, where she tried to prepare him for a future without her. He was not having it, and she was trying to be practical.

Their reunion on The 100 Season 5 is going to be epic. Even if (somehow) it's not romantic, there's too much genuine love between them for it to not be a huge moment.

But I'm more than a little curious about what Bellamy was up to during those six years in space. Clarke obviously didn't interact with anyone aside from Madi, so we know that she hasn't connected with anyone else. Bellamy, on the other hand, has spent six years forming new connections with others.

Bellamy and Octavia had the chance for one last heart to heart. How do you feel about the way those two ended things?

Yana: Would have loved for Octavia to apologize, actually saying those words. But their goodbye wasn't bad. That is pretty much all I can think of right now, because they still don't have my love for now.

I'm Team Bellamy all the way. Although we keep hearing that Octavia has changed a lot with this time jump, I am excited to see what that actually means and how that influences the Blake siblings' reunion. 

Samantha: I'm so glad they ended on good terms. I'm a little annoyed that the radio cut out before she heard him say I love you back. She deserved to hear it one more time before being separated from him for over six years.

I love you, big brother. It takes the end of the world for me to say it.


Like Yana, I'm excited to see how their different circumstances will have changed them during the time jump and how that will affect their reunion!

Caralynn: I thought their final scene was perfect. I don't really think Octavia is ever going to explicitly apologize to Bellamy. That ship has sailed.

The fact that Octavia probably has no idea whether her brother survived the trip to space (and the interceding six-plus years) makes me so excited for their eventual reunion. It's going to be seriously emotional, especially since they left off on loving terms.

What was your favorite moment, scene, or quote in the finale?

Yana: I'm utter Bellarke trash, so any scenes they shared were obviously the best. Clarke after the time jump though, with the smile, the art, the hair, and the outfit. She is more relaxed than ever before, and I love her so much.

She risked her life for her friends and her people. She is everything I missed in the last few episodes. 

Samantha: The whole finale is absolute gold, so I think my favorite underrated moment is when Murphy is trying to distract Monty from the pain in his hands by asking him about loving Harper.

His love for Emori has obviously changed Murphy from the character we were first introduced to, and it's so lovely to see moments like this where he vocalizes that change that we see, that he recognizes in himself. 

Murphy — The 100 Season 4 Episode 13

Caralynn: I agree that the finale was virtually flawless. So if I had to pick one underrated moment, it's literally everything Emori. I loved that she suggested giving Clarke "just one more minute" to make it back to the rocket. I also loved how damn excited she was to go to space – the complete opposite of Echo's fearful reaction.

Emori emerged as one of my favorite characters this season. I can't wait to see how she changes going into The 100 Season 5.

Well, I really hope she at least survived the six-year time jump!

In the six years and seven days flashforward, there were several twists introduced. Which is the most compelling to you, and why?

Yana: Clarke and the bunker, Bellamy and the others not returning from space (which has to do with the mysterious prisoner transport ship). Obviously, I am dying to see what my favorites have been up to, what they have been through, and most importantly their reunions.

But the prisoner transport ship is this complete mystery because we know no one but are aware that they are somehow the reason Bellamy and the others aren't back yet. So, what the hell is going on? 

Samantha: Oh man, they're all incredibly compelling to me, to be completely honest. This is the first finale for this show where I've been not just satisfied by the end of the season but really excited and hopeful about the next season.

I'm most interested in the bunker, probably, because Kane and Abby are my favorite characters, and I'm dying to know what's happened down there in the time jump. Tensions are likely to be high since it's been over a year since they were supposed to be able to come up, and they can't get through the rubble.

I'm excited to see how Clarke survived and how she found Madi and more about their relationship. And I'm excited to see how close the seven in space have become during the jump, and why exactly they haven't been able to come down.

And that new prisoner transport is giving me all kinds of Battlestar Galactica vibes, so I'm just really excited about The 100 Season 5 on every level! 

Caralynn: I love everybody in the bunker, but their absence got more of an explanation (they're buried under rubble, so presumably they're just continuing business-as-usual down there until they manage to dig out).

The Space 7, on the other hand, are a totally unknown variable. Obviously, getting back down from space was something they knew they'd have to figure out as they went, but they thought they'd be able to manage it during the five years they'd need to stay off the ground.

But clearly, something happened that both cut off their communication with the ground and made it so that they're unable to return.

The Eligius ship has a connection to Becca and the nightblood, so I'm really intrigued to meet what I'm assuming is a brand-new faction. And to see Clarke and the bunker Wonkru as "grounders" to the Eligius prisoners' Sky People! Oh, how the tables have turned...

Make a prediction about what Season 5 will reveal has changed about our characters during the time-jump.

Yana: Listen, everyone is all about what relationships happened, because for some reason off screen build up is going to last? Clearly, what we aren't shown, we aren't meant to get invested in. What I do want to see are the established relationships, because they will be up there for a while, and who knows what kind of break-ups could happen?

The space group won't exactly be bored up there since we learned things get troubling in a way that sets up for some chaotic six years, but there probably are still fights.

What if they come down and there are a bunch of partner switches. Or what if Octavia emerges from the bunker with Niylah as her girlfriend?  Also facial hair – what is up with that after 6 years?

Samantha: I'm sticking to the baby theory because I can. We left several couples in places with limited resources, and who has time for holding back love when you're living at the end of the world?

Even if it isn't Kane and Abby, I'd love to see someone come out on the other side of the time jump beside Clarke. I really want Kane and Abby to have gotten married in the bunker, and I'd love to see Octavia and Niylah as a romantic pairing!

Sticking Around – The 100 Season 4 Episode 6

And I can't wait to see how everyone's looks have changed: grounder braids for Abby, facial hair for Bellamy, new haircuts and clothes for everyone!!

Caralynn: I am SO HERE for bearded time jump Bellamy. Ditto an Octavia/Niylah pairing.

I'm virtually positive that Octavia will be paired up with someone when we pick up after the time jump – and from her interactions with Clarke, Niylah is obviously a pro at being a supportive partner/girlfriend (which would be exactly what Octavia needs if she's been a ruler the past six years).

I'm also positive that there will be at least one "unexpected" hook-up from within the space group. Whether that's an established couple breaking up in favor of a new pairing, or two of the unpaired people (Raven, Echo, Bellamy) getting together – that's anyone's guess.

Monty and Harper, however, had better remain unscathed.

The 100 returns to The CW for Season 5 in winter/spring 2018.

Caralynn Lippo is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

I love you, big brother. It takes the end of the world for me to say it.


Bellamy: We will meet again.
Octavia: And I'll be waiting. Under the floor.