Noah is Stunned - The Affair Season 5 Episode 3
Noah witnesses Helen cozying up to Sasha and makes a fool of himself.

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The Affair
The Affair Season 5 Episode 3: "5.03"
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The Affair Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Reporter: The early reviews are really good.
Noah: So I hear, I try not to pay attention to those things.
Reporter: I have to admit, I wasn't such a fan of Descent, although clearly the book didn't suffer from lack of fans, but the autobiography of Jack Hunter really moved me. It's a much more vulnerable, mature piece of writing.
Noah: Thanks. I mean, I wrote it in prison, partly, I wish it all was gratifying, but I...
Reporter: You were in prison for killing your brother in law, right?
Noah: Uhh, my ex-wife's brother in law, yeah, but there's plenty of stuff out there about it. I really don't want to make this...
Reporter: No, no, no. It's just that years ago, you were a public school teacher living in Brooklyn. Then, one summer, you wrote a novel that was an overnight sensation, you left your wife and family, you married your mistress, you became suddenly famous. I don't know, let's say you drank a little bit of your own kool-aid? You became increasingly arrogant, self-absorbed, reckless, until one fateful night on the dark roads of Montauk, you hit someone, you fled the scene. I'm going somewhere with this.
Noah: I hope so.
Reporter: A fall from grace. You went to prison, you served time, you lost everything. Now, you're out, you've gone back to teaching underprivileged kids, you have moved to be closer to your family, you seem to be living a quiet life now, you've come full circle, so would you say that the redemption of Noah Solloway is complete?

You can't see yourself, Noah, and that's why you never get what you want.