Kyle MacLachlan as Orson Hodge

Kyle MacLachlan as Orson Hodge

Kyle MacLachlan stars as Orson Hodge on ABC's Desperate Housewivees. Orson is an exciting dentist and is the husband of Bree and the stepfather to her children.

Desperate Housewives Season 2 Episode 24 Quotes

(Into her phone) Hey, it's just me again. Um... when you got the invitation, I thought that you gave me the thumbs up, but I guess if that was actually... some other type of finger gesture, uh... well, I apologize for leaving you all these messages and wasting your time.


Bree: Orson.
Orson: Oh, hey. I wanted to come by and see how you were doing after your great escape and, uh, these are for you.
Bree: How sweet and... unexpected. Do you wanna come in?
Orson: I'd love to.