A Humiliating Business Promo

No way Carlos is falling for Bob, right?!? That's one of the many questions asked on the episode "A Humiliating Business," as previewed here.

Coming Clean

"He's sort of blackmailing me." Susan tells Mike all about her online job and how Paul Young found out about it in this clip from "Excited and Scared."

Halloween on Wisteria Lane

It's Halloween on Wisteria Lane. Find out what that means by checking out the official preview for the 10/31/10 episode, "Excited and Scared."

The Thing That Counts is What's Inside Promo

Susan is horrified to learn how her company is using her image this week, while Renee tries to use intel on Bree against her rival, as the women continue to battle over Keith. Check out this episode's official preview now.

War Over Keith

Bree has a challenge for Keith's affection/crotch on the episode "Truly Content." Renee makes her very aggressive move in this clip.

Truly Content Promo

It's Renee vs. Bree on the episode "Truly Content." As this video teases, the women go after Bree's contractor during a night at the club.

Memories of France

This is a sneak peek at the episode of Desperate Housewives titled "You Must Meet My Wife." In it, Gaby reveals a shocking possibility to Susan.

Return of Paul

Paul is back on the season premiere of Desperate Housewives. He invites his new neighbors inside in this clip from the September 28, 2010 episode.

Are We Poor?

Are we poor? Susan and Mike consider this question on the seventh season premiere of Desperate Housewives. Check out the clip now.

Season 7 Premiere Clip

Bree opens up to Gaby in this scene from the Desperate Housewives season seven premiere. But she doesn't get the response she thought she would get.

A Desperate Promo

There's a new Housewife in town, fans. This season seven promo features Vanessa Williams and makes it clear she'll play a major role on the ABC hit. We can't wait.

Desperate Yard Sale

Susan tries to solve her financial problems with a yard sale in this clip from the Desperate Housewives season finale. It doesn't exactly go so well.

Desperate Housewives Quotes

Dr. Barr: Hey there. I was surprised to hear you wanted a session.
Bree: Well, there's nothing like being tied to a bed to change a girl's mind.
Dr. Barr: What do you wanna talk about?
Bree: Anything at all. As you said, I...I have a lot of issues.
Dr. Barr: Well, I assumed as much when you told the ridiculous story about your daughter running off with a murderer.
Bree: Saw right through that, did ya?
Dr. Barr: Well, I'm a trained professional, Bree. The human mind is my playground.
Bree: Well, I'm glad that you're having fun.

(to dead body) "Tu me manques, Monique" ("I Miss You Monique").