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Song Keep Breathing Ingrid Michaelson
Song Explosions The Mary Onettes
Song Eulogy The Hereafter
Song Within You Ray LaMontagne
Song Closer Grey's Anatomy Coburn
Song Hold You In My Arms Ray LaMontagne
Song Falling Or Flying Grace Potter
Song Roboxula The Jealous Girlfriends
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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 24 Quotes

"I know I haven't been myself lately, but I'm me again, so I was thinking maybe you should sleep over, because the me that I am is horny for the you that you are."


DEREK: "I have a surgery."
MEREDITH: "I heard you were the best man."
DEREK: "Yeah."
MEREDITH: "Maid of honor, best man, kind of perfect."
DEREK: "Yeah."