Don't Let Go
Artist: Pacha Massive
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Don't Let Go Lyrics

I can't follow you in the direction you've taken
come and stay with me 'cause i am soon to awaken
just go live your live I'm not going to throw you a stone
won't follow the direction which the wind has blown

no, don't let go and stay with me

chequea gente de mi barrio
ponle buen ojo a la situacion
resale a barbara y a san anton
dos pasos pa' lante y superacion
come on everybody get with the flow
keep the party going on all night long
tigueres y mujeres go get it on
resale a tu santo por su proteccion

no, don't let go and stay with me

you said you would but you didn't show
don't mean to rush you just take it slow
feel your flow make your doe te gusta
look at the people just clear the floor
no se llega nada sin pasar dolor
hechame agua no puedo con el calor
just keep it cool como un refrigerador
no le des mente light it up bamonos

no, don't let go and stay with me
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