Sage, Rose and Girlfriends
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"All About Friends and Family" starts off with Megan on the phone with Jacob discussing their upcoming weekend getaway at the spa when Charlie clicks in.  She takes the call only to switch over when Lily calls to apologize.  Laurel then calls Megan into her office to ask her to stay this weekend, she needs to chaperone a pool party she found out the girls are secretly having. 

We cut to the girls planning the party.  Apparently they stole the guests from an already planned party.  Charlie, sick of being ignored on the phone comes over to see her.  She apologizes and he offers to help at the pool party.  Megan then tells Jacob she can't go. Rose then comes to Megan and asks her to invite Lily to the party... she wants them to make amends. 

Woohoo, it's party time and Lily arrives.  Marco apparently got a call from Laurel and is refusing to serve alcohol to anyone under 21.  Rose and Sage greet their two good friends, who it turns out was the party they stole the guests from.  Will comes over as Megan is fixing her hair and asks about the date.  Not her boyfriend.  Charlie walks in and sees Will helping with her hair and interrupts to say they need a system to identify underage people.  Megan introduces the two and Charlie shows his jealous side.

Megan comes to deliver Sage and her friends some virgin drinks.  Some guy in the group busts out a flask and spikes the drinks.  Megan then finds Lily in the kitchen skipping out on the booze line outside.  They argue and eventually Megan apologizes and offers her a tour of the house.  Then Sage and her friends come in... with Lauren Conrad as herself.  They make a cute reference to LC being too nice and that she'd never survive at their high school.

Lily freaks out about how nice the house is and finally asks the question we've all been asking, in a house with so many rooms why do the girls share one?  Says they're close and then the two girls begin to bond finally!  The butler interrupts to get Megan and leaves Lily up there... and stands there awkwardly as if he doesn't trust Lily alone in the room.  She sends him off.  Suspicious.

Marco is serving Will a drink and Will asks he set one aside for Megan, she needs it.  Poor jealous Charlie comes in and makes an ass out of himself trying to prove he knows Megan better than Will.  Megan's not really the drinker, which sister are you going for?  Will leaves.  Sage meanwhile is feeling sick and heads upstairs.  She is feeling sick and has bumps all over her face and neck.  Rose helps her try to cover them up with makeup.

Rose calls Megan up who immediately smells alcohol on Sage's breath.  She identifies the bumps as hives.  Rose tells her she's missing a tennis braclet, and immediatley Megan thinks it's Lily... and so do we!  She heads downstairs and confronts Lily.  Give it back and I don't call the cops.  They have one of their huge catfights in front of everyone and Lily leaves and Will follows.

Sage comes downstairs and her two friends come in arguing with Charlie.  They admit to spiking her drink with muscle relaxers and the three get into a catfight until Charlie breaks it up and says the girls have gone wild.  Cute.  Megan then gives some speech about true friends, you know, like Charlie who she ignores, and then ends the party.

Sage then comes upstairs to find Rose upset about Megan and Lily's fight.  She says the braclet was never stolen, she remembered lending it to her friend Precious.  We think she needs new friends if they have names like that.  Rose tells Megan who runs outside to find Lily before she leaves to apologize.  Lily does not accept and Will tells Megan she's too hard on her.

Megan asks Charlie to stay but he leaves anyway.  Megan goes to talk to the girls and Rose tells her she feels bad that she caused this fight.  Megan says it's not her fault, this goes way back.  Megan's okay with it and that's why she has good friends.  The girls, however, don't need good friends they can rely on, they have each other.  Aww, how full house.  Megan leaves and Sage asks Rose if she's gonna call Precious.  Maybe tomorrow.  !!!  She never lent it!  We knew it.

Megan goes to talk to Marco when the butler walks in... someone's waiting for her in the bedroom.  Aren't you going to ask if it's a boy or girl.  It's a massage table set up with oils courtest of Jacob.  Aww!!!  We cut over to Lily and Will at the bar and when Will gets up, she pulls the tennis braclet out of her bag.  We knew it!!

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Rose: It's not gonna be a high school party.. older people are coming... actually Will's gonna be there
Megan: excellent... yeah I'll bring enough Bengay for the both of us. That's arthritis medicine

Megan: Can we go to the spa?
Jacob: Patience grasshopper
Megan: Patience schmacience. i have a knot so deep in my neck it's almost a bone... I named it Sage.

Privileged Season 1 Episode 5 Music

  Song Artist
Song Yellow Dress Daphne Willis and Co. iTunes
Song Ca Plane Pour Moi Nouvelle Vague
Song No Bad Mind Jana Bent