My Own Sinking Ship
Artist: Good Old War
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My Own Sinking Ship Lyrics

What will be your story now
today its something far inside
hurts your body close your eyes
and i'll bring you back to here

you are my own sinking ship
cuz everyday the current shifts
and I picked apart your wasted lies
to get you back to here

oh its the last time we'll fall in love
oh its the last try to brake apart
you are not to blame

why can't I just be alright
why cant i invade your mind
somedays we're just so far off
but I want you back right here

oh its the last time we'll fall in love
yea its the last try to break apart
sayin you are not to blame

can't remember your last smile
i think i made it happen though
and I took you off to work once more
but i just want you, i just want you,
I just want you here
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