I Never Needed You
Artist: The Partisans
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I Never Needed You Lyrics

I never wanted to find out the reason
Of what was really wrong inside
I just didn't want to know about it
'Cos all I needed to do was hide
But as the days went by
And all my friends wanted to find out
I just didn't want to know about it
'Cos all I needed to do was shout
I Never Needed You
As soon as I was told I was going to die
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A different person entered me
Some people seemed to change overnight
Oh why cant they see?
I just couldn't seem to do no wrong
All I seemed to do was right
and then with only two months left
That's all I seemed to do was fight
And say....
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The Carrie Diaries Quotes

Sometimes to chase after your future, you have to stop running and plant yourself in one place. Take a stand and fight for what you want. And know that even after the darkest of nights, the dawn will come. And you will find a place where you don’t have to hide. A place to call home.


It was like putting a hot dog in a keyhole.