Sometimes to chase after your future, you have to stop running and plant yourself in one place. Take a stand and fight for what you want. And know that even after the darkest of nights, the dawn will come. And you will find a place where you don’t have to hide. A place to call home.

If we’re doing the right thing, why does it hurt so much?

One day I’m gonna see your byline in some magazine or a newspaper and I’m gonna think I was lucky enough to love that girl.


Oh my God am I dating another gay guy and I don’t even know it? Is that my thing?


I’m a nomad and when the need comes, nomads move on to greener pastures or bluer oceans.


The wigged wonder can’t handle anybody else in the limelight!


Carrie:Will you at least be nice to him when I’m gone?
Dorrit: I’ll try but I can’t promise. I’m still me after all.

Who would’ve guessed you’re dad would be the understanding one?

I hope it doesn’t scare you, how much I need you. You’re basically all I have.

I’d officially entered the grown up world of publishing, where champagne was the answer to all my questions.

As seniors, prom is a traditional right of passage, a time to get dressed up, make memories, and acknowledge for just one moment that you are at the top of your high school game.

Move it on over! Pink cupcake, coming down.


The Carrie Diaries Quotes

It was like putting a hot dog in a keyhole.


It's always the same dream. I'm in the city and I belong. Manhattan is mine. But then I always wake up. The same old Carrie Bradshaw in Castlebury Connecticut.