linda piper

I'm old.63 to be precise.My "spirit" keeps telling me I'm still in my twenties,the body proves I'm not.I'm married to a man almost 6 years younger than I.We met on an archaological dig. Have a married daughter and we are currently owned by 3 cats.

I LIKE:- Opera,ballet,Led Zeppelin,Gregorian Chant, in fact almost every genre of music.Except Stockhausen.!

             Love reading, again just about every genre.For instance, Sunday just past I finally finished reading Le Morte d'Arthur and have begun to read  a crime novel by Val McDermid.Amongst others I,ve read almost all Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan novels,The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings Trilogy,the latter,after reading I wondered what all the fuss was about.On my shelves are Sun Tzu,the James Bond books,Winnie The Pooh and so on.Varied isn't it?

      I love photography.Most of my photos are of flowers as they tend not to wander off or scratch when you ty to take a pcture.Most other photos are of our cats.

T.V. progs i like are American Crime Dramas,historical documetaries and my guilty pleasure is Gossip Girl.

C'est moi! Oh yes, and I'm "eccentric" and a lateral thinker.

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