Bones fanatic and writer of Fan Fiction for the same show! Been writing for almost a year and loving every minute of it. Mother of two, wife to one amazing guy, and lover of all things Booth and Bones ... and especially writing and reading about them. During the extended hiatus this season, take a break and indulge in some BONES reading! On, I go by plain old "MoxieGirl." You can find all of my fics there. My favorite though? The When and the How: A Bone to Pick. Here's what readers have been saying about my take on what happened between Booth and Bones to transform their partnership into a romantic crime-fighting duo:


"The When and the How: A Bone to Pick' is the secret that every Bones lover deserves to be let in on. It's the unfolding story that will make you laugh and cry and everything in between, especially think and feel."  ~ caracoleta07

"When I was getting ready to read this story, I thought "Wow, 190 some chapters, how will I get through it all?" After I read the first few chapters, I thought, "How can I NOT get through this all?" I thought I would be lost and bored! However, that is quite the opposite of how I feel...this story is wonderfully written, and is very captivating! LOVELY story...I hope there is another 190 some chapters more!" ~ urabadinfluence

You can find the whole load of BONES fun in
The When and the How: A Bone to Pick
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