Blair: Apparently, all plain air paintings completed in late 1883 must contain some residual volcanic ash.
Mercer: Makes sense. Krakatoa erupted August 1883. A cloud of volcanic ash went from Indonesia all the way to Europe.
Rose: And the appraisers didn't find volcanic ash in the orchard.
Blair: Even though the results aren't conclusive ...
Rose: You're concerned your painting is a copy.
Blair: A fake, just like my marriage.

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Alec Mercer
The Irrational Season 1 Episode 7: "The Real Deal"
The Irrational
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The Irrational Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Marisa: You were right. I wasn't being real with you, which is stupid because we always got along because we weren't afraid to be honest with each other.
Kylie: I know. I told you I was Queer before anyone else in the family.
Marisa: We need to be ourselves again.
Kylie: I'm mad, Marisa. Without warning, just poof, you left us.
Marisa: I left my marriage. I didn't leave you. I love Alec. I will always love Alec. That's not the same as being married to him. I need to find out who I am without him.
Kylie: OK, I get that
Marisa: We were family. You were the closest thing I had to a sister, and you just stopped talking to me. I missed this.

Sentimental value is driving the killer to extreme measures violent, and they won't stop until they get one of Bridget's arts in their hands.