Frankie: I like your mom.
Craig: You don't know her.
Frankie: She's cool. A survivor.

Craig: So what are you going to steal?
Frankie: Everything, baby. Absolutely everything.

Smurf: You're smart, J. Are you that smart? You better be careful.
J: Why?
Smurf: Well with Mia. I don't want another little mouth running around here to feed.

Take off your clothes. Leave the heels on.


I never wanted to be a mother. Not until they put you and your sister in my arms, and I will always be here for you. Always.


I'm going to take it all, Smurf. Everything you have. Everything you've ever cared about. Everyone you've ever loved.


So either Velnick's lab has come untethered from time and space or someone doctored the footage.


The name Sherlock Holmes comes with certain entanglements. I'd hate to see you shot, kidnapped or killed because of me. Find a different name.

Sherlock [to identity thief]

Joan: You're playing a video game?
Sherlock: Worse. I'm watching a video of a video game.

Don't worry. I'm not throwing away my shot.

Marcus [to Sherlock]

We need to prepare ourselves. [Michael] is going to be back.

Sherlock [to Joan]

Wozniak: You were my second chance. You were a gift.
Harlee: I wasn’t always such a gift.
Wozniak: You were.
Harlee: God, I love you.
Wozniak: That’s always been your worst quality.