Look, I really hope Brady pulls himself out of this, but if he chooses to keep holding grudges and lashing out, you cannot blame yourself for that.


Abigail's my best friend and all, but the girl's about as exciting as a sock. Not to mention that she's loca.


Eve: There's nothing to explain. Nicole cheated on you with Eric, left you both high and dry. No wonder you two have bad blood between -
Brady: No. There's a lot more, stuff that Eric doesn't even know. I was the reason Nicole left town.

I don't know what to do. I'm fighting for my life. I'm fighting so Arianna doesn't lose her mother.


God, I thought they'd never leave. [checking phone] Now, let's see if you spilled your dirty little secret.


No one said anything about the sky opening up over Smith Island.


I don't know what's going on with you, but you're obviously sick and need help.


Ciara: Wait, what do you mean canceled? You called off the wedding?
Hope: No. Just the rehearsal dinner. I'm taking Rafe camping on Smith Island tonight to save Julie the trouble of throwing -
Rafe: Camping.
Hope: Probably. Yes, camping. Two very over the top parties back to back.
Tripp: Well, camping will be more fun for you guys anyway.
Rafe: Well, more fun for you too, unless, of course, you like drunk people rambling on and on and on.
Ciara: Thank God. I was afraid you guys were gonna tell me you decided not to get married.

Serena: God, how could I do that?
Rachel: You're like everyone else on the planet. You are screwed up and lonely and trying to figure it out.
Serena: Maybe your friends are like that, but my friends are all married...The weird thing is I did everything right. I did everything just like them. My friends say that I'm too picky. That no guy is good enough. But the truth is, nobody picks me.
Rachel: Listen to me - you're incredible. You deserve to find somebody who loves you just the way you are. I promise, Im gonna make that happen.

You're a handsome, young interior designer who's living with his wealthy, older client.


Lizzie: Who are you trying to be?
Andrew: Someone he can love.

Andrew: I need to get back to my party. That room is full of people that love me.
Gallo: Then that room is full of people that don't know you.