This is a confirmation, not a coronation. It's not our job to give the President what he wants. Our job is to determine what's best for the country.


There's a traitor among us.


You mean to tell me he's right here in Washington, D.C., and we can't touch him?


I don't trust anyone who has things handed to them in life.


Mr. President, do you have anything to hide?


Certainly survival shouldn't be the only qualification for leading our country, should it?


Felicity: Where is Billy?
Oliver: I killed Billy.

So whoever this well-qualified, mystery person is, once they join, we change our name from the Magnificent Seven to the Awesome Eight. Huh? It's perfect.


Man plans and God smiles.


Alvez: Personally, I'll be happy not to be the new guy anymore. Whoever comes in can get that title and Garcia can stop calling me 'newbie.'
JJ: She is a creature of habit. I think you're stuck with that one, newbie.

I have my own hands. I'm not a doctor's assistant, I'm a *nurse.*


Alvez: Basically, [corporal mortification] involves causing yourself physical pain in the search for spiritual growth.
Garcia: Seriously, has no one heard of meditation?