Santiago: It's my hotel. My neck on the line. You don't know what it's like to make these hard decisions.
Gigi: 'Cause you don't let me. Beatriz and Alicia, those opinions you value, but you don't care what I think. How many more years, Santiago, before you see me as more than your trophy wife?

Yolanda: Mommy, please tell my hoe bag sister that I don't care what she thinks.
Gigi: I am getting a little tired of this. Her fiance just left her, be nice.
Yolanda: Her fiance left her because she's a nasty slut who banged El Rey the night before her wedding.

Ingrid: You called me Mamacita over and over all night long.
Javi: We totally had sex.

Alicia: Of course, this would happen on my first day.
Danny: Right, new manager gig.
Alicia: Hence, the dorky blazer.
Danny: I don't know, you look pretty good to me. I mean that's what I would say if we weren't keeping this strictly professional.
Alicia: Right, well, you know, just trying to look the part.
Danny: Yeah, definitely. Yeah with your name tag, your clipboard, your keycard.
Alicia: Oh, this one? Yeah, highest security clearance. I'm basically secret service for this thing.
Danny: Wow 'cause mine won't even let me into the gym.
Alicia: As if you need to spend more time at the gym, is what I would say if I were being less professional.

Oh. It's that kind of party.


Cal: What are you doing?
Nate: I was just going to say good night.
Cal: Good night.

Nate loves the feeling of winning. He was obsessive.


Principal: I heard a very disturbing rumor.
Kat: Is this about that video of that girl?

Didn't you just get out of rehab? Should I be concerned?


The first day of school. My heart was racing.


Corey: I'm not gonna try and kiss you. But I would like to give you a goodnight hug. How does that sound?
Jane: It sounds great.

Oh, hell no! Jennifer, if you don't whip these kids' ass, I will.

Desna [to Jenn]