I've done this job for a long time, dealt with the loss, long before you even thought of being a cop. You don't think all of us played the blame game at one point or another, asked ourselves what we could have done differently? And that is why I will not work with you. Because I don't want to have to ask myself if I did enough to protect you too. I won't.


Jamie: I don't need you helping me. I got this.
Joe Hill: Like you did when my dad died?

Sid: Jamie doesn't want anything to do with Joe Hill, and Joe Hill won't back down. I gotta say, thick-headed stuborn genes run in your family. No offense.
Frank: So pretend it's not my family and fix it.

Frank: The current system is a revolving door on criminals. That's the truth.
Chase: That's your truth. My truth is that you're looking to spread the blame on everyone but yourself.

Garett: You didn't even try!
Frank: I did try. You were there. You saw me trying.

I don't want your money. I want my sister.


You accuse one of my officers of a felony and call for a bus and don't bother to tell me?


Jamie: I'm not running a joint operation here. Especially not with someone who has less time on the force than me! I gotta go. I'm gone too long, they start getting suspicious.
[Jamie leaves]
Joe: I've been on this mission three months. I have no intention of backing off.

Anthony: Just got a call from your sister-in-law. She's giving us a heads-up about a rape case.
Erin: Okay... why is she calling us?
Anthony: She's the one who took the complaint. The guy being accused... he's a decorated sergeant in her precint. How do you want to handle this?

Vince: Liam, is that it?
Liam: And you are?

Bode: Eve, I didn't realize how much of what I do affects you. Eve, I'm sorry.
Eve: Oh, you've been such a pain in my ass I didn't get to say --'
Bode: Say what?
Eve: It's good to be fighting fires with you again.

Gabriela: You being able to own your own issues and work through them, Dad, that's what I admire most about you.
Manny: Well, that's good because here's a big one. Your mom didn't abandon us.
Gabriela: Dad, that's not--
Manny: She left me. Not you.