Atticus: I thought the gunpowder for was for the Americans.
Delaney: We are Americans.


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Coop: Your Highness, there is little doubt in my mind that senior directors of the East India have done a deal with Delaney.
Prince Regent: Just fucking kill him!
Coop: If he dies, the Nootka goes to the Americans, as per his will.
Prince Regent: Fuck Nootka! Fuck wills, treaties. I'm the head of fucking state. And by the command of his majesty, kill him.

Cholmodeley [to Robert]: No sparks, no flames, no inflammatory comments: I'm covered in explosives.

Dumbarton: No one in this city has only one master.
Delaney: I do.

Coop: You promised to give me those names.
Delaney: I did? I must have lied.

I need a ship. You have four hours.

Delaney [to Strange]

The things I did in Africa make your transactions look paltry. I witnessed and participated in darkness that you cannot conceive.

Delaney [to Strange]

Negan: I feel like I ought to give you a signing bonus.
Eugene: i was gifted these pickles.

I am indeed a smarty pants.


I report directly to Negan, which means you report directly to my ass.


Hannah: You printed out a blog?
Chuck: No, I have assistants who can do that for me.