Bert: So, tell us about yourself, my dear. What do you do?
Lucia: Hospitality.

Lucia: He says I owe him money.
Albie: Did he follow us here?

You should slow down with this guy.


Ethan: We've always been honest with each other.
Harper: Not honest about how we're not attracted to each other.
Ethan: I love you.
Harper: Uh, so depressing.

This is Lucia, she's going to translate for us.


Is your faith in him greater than the love for your mom?


Bode: We don't even know what the hell you're talking about.
Manny: A valuable item went missing in this morning's mop-up of the maple.

We stand together whether we're fighting a fire or get thrown into one.


Sharon: You just ordered an iced tea instead of a rosé. Who told you that I'm sick?
Lilly: Shouldn't the question be: why didn't you tell me? It's nonsense.

Eddie: She hasn't left her hotel room since the attack.
Badillo: That is not our problem. We cannot serve as ambassadors to every tourist who gets taken for a ride and wants to blame the whole city.

Anthony: I know one thing. You wouldn't want me interfering with your parenting decisions!
Erin: This has nothing to do with parenting! What do you think is going to happen if you don't encourage her to talk about what she saw? Do you think it'll magically disappear?

Anthony: You went behind my back??
Erin: Excuse me?
Anthony: You set my daughter up with a counselor without telling me.
Erin: I thought Vivian would tell you!
Anthony: Well, she didn't.
Erin: I'm only trying to help.
Anthony: That's what people always say before they screw everything up.