"I know, I don't have to be afraid. But I am because look at you. All of you. You're gods, and someday you are going to wake up and realize you don't have to listen you us anymore."

The Interrogator

"You were right-- about David-- he's a world-breaker. And if you'd killed him, before he figured that out, then maybe your tactical forces and... What is it..? World coalition? Maybe that would have impressed me. But not now."

Dr. Melanie Bird

David Haller: "Just let me talk to him. We have... a rapport."
Syd Barrett: "He tried to kill you. Twice."
David Haller: "To be fair, the second time he was just going to kill you. And, anyway, with that kind of think wars would never end."

Running this country is the hardest job there is. Problem is with everything that's flying at you, you're not actually running it. You're reacting. Not leading.

President Ross

Amos Burton: "Yeah, but Ganymede is the most important food station out here-- they’re not just going to let it collapse."
Prax Meng: "This Station is dead already. They just don’t know it yet."

James Holden: “I would have stopped him before it went too far.”
Naomi Nagata: “Every sh*ty thing we do makes the next one that much easier, doesn’t it?”

Technician: "We did find traces of various plant materials, but again, that is consistent with the account—she was found in the wreckage of the Ag-Dome--."
Sadavir Errinwright: "I’m not talking about soy beans, I mean exotic biologicals— anything that shouldn’t be on Ganymede."
Technician: Sir, I’m not sure what you’re getting at… We did a pretty thorough analysis--.
Sadavir Errinwright: "I don’t want pretty-thorough, I want you to go over every goddamn molecule on that armor and tell me if there’s anything you missed!"

Prax Meng: "How many people have you killed?"
Amos Burton: "I’m not sure."
Prax Meng: "You’re not sure?"
Amos Burton: "I’m not a homicidal maniac… Holden and Naomi, they’re not like me. They’re better. I’ll watch you back, but they’ll find your little girl."

Mrs. Harris: You can call it murder if you like. I call it justice, and I think a jury will agree with mme.
Sharon: Well, we will certainly help you test that theory.
Julio: You're under arrest for the murder of Will Sachs.
Mrs. Harris: There is no such person.

Sykes: How did you end up on the night shift, Lieutenant?
Provenza: Well, Tao had his Hollywood job and Sanchez likes to tuck the kid in at night. Little Mark.
Sykes: Think this'll work?
Provenza: Oh yeah. She'll come out in the morning, see her car is vandalized, bring it to her mechanic. We find the other car and presto-chango, Sharon Raydor is the new assistant chief. Okay. Mark this day, people. This could be the end of an era. My last stakeout pizza ever.

Accidents happen. They happen and time goes by and it gets better. That's what everyone said. But they were wrong. Because when you lose a child, time does not go by. It just comes to a dead halt.

Mrs. Harris

Patrice: Louis, what's the matter?
Louis: What makes you think anything's the matter?
Patrice: You haven't turned on the television and you're not complaining about putting stamps on envelopes for Sharon and Andy's wedding. What's up?
Louis: I think I need to quit my job.
Patrice: Yeah right.
Louis: No, really. Maybe next week.
Patrice: Is it this case?
Louis: No. It's this kid.