Eddie: No good deed goes unpunished is a universal truth.
Sam: Is it? Or is this about you? What happened three years ago. Marnie Star? Look like I said I do my research. I read the reports they all said it wasn't your fault.
Eddie: Well that doesn't matter. I was hired to protect her and I didn't.
Sam: And to punish yourself you started saying no. You went from the top PI in town to taking small jobs. You are just like me Eddie. You need a shot at redemption.

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Take Two Season 1 Episode 1: "Take Two"
Take Two
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Take Two Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Eddie: Does your friend know he broke about 11 state and federal privacy laws?
Sam: Oh please you are just mad that I have better sources than you.
Eddie: No I am mad because you think the rules don't apply to you.
Sam: Not all rules. I just ignore the stupid ones. Otherwise I would not have gotten to where I am.

Eddie: I was too busy keeping an eye on you instead of the client. What the hell were thinking answering your phone in the middle of a gunfight?
Sam: I was trying to silence it so we didn't get shot.