Owen: (about Peter) Are you going to leave him?
Alicia: Owen, please don't.
Owen: He's two-faced.
Alicia: Everyone's two-faced.
Owen: You're not.
Alicia: Yes, I am.
Owen: Then you've changed.
Alicia: No. Issues got more complex, and I grew up.

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Alicia Florrick
The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 3: "Breaking Fast"
The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Kalinda: How're you liking the prosecutor's office? It seems to agree with you. You look taller.
Cary: I like the moral clarity. (he walks up to her) Do you miss me?
Kalinda: What if I said yes?
Cary: Well, I'd say, "That sounds about right."
Kalinda: Then... yeah.

Owen: I said that Peter was homophobic because I wanted to hurt him.
Alicia: I know.
Owen: Do you want to know why?
Alicia: If you want to say.
Owen: You're living an idea, Alicia. You think society is disintegrating. You don't want to get divorced 'cause everyone is divorcing. You're like that person on the Titanic who won't leave their room because they're afraid of being rude.
Alicia: You lost me.
Owen: Do you love him?
Alicia: Do I love Peter? Yes, I do.
Owen: I don't believe you. I can see it in your eyes. You don't love him-- not anymore.
Alicia: You don't see anything in my eyes.