Mohammed Zamir: Are you his doctor?
Chuck: Of course! Am I not wearing a doctor's coat? Who else would I be if not for one of this man's doctors?
Mohammed Zamir: Doctor, I am Harry Lime's private physician, Dr. Mohammed Zamir.
Chuck: Ah, Doctor!
Mohammed Zamir: Doctor!
Chuck: Doctor!
Mohammed Zamir: Doctor!
Chuck: And Doctor!
Mohammed Zamir: Nurse, would you excuse us for a moment please? I'd like to consult the doctor privately please.
Chuck: Yes, yes, we will be discussing doctor things that only doctors understand, please go. (Alex walks towards the door) Please don't go.
Alex: Be right outside, Doctor.

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Chuck Bartowski
Chuck Season 2 Episode 18: "Chuck Versus the Broken Heart"
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Chuck Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Alex [dressed as stripper]: I understand one of you has been a naughty, naughty boy.
Lester: Me, oh my God, pick me, I'm so bad, I've been bad, I've been bad, I'm a bad person, I'm a terrible person.
Jeff: I broke eight and a half commandments on the way to work this morning

General Beckman: I wanted to have a private word with you... pardon the intrusion
Chuck: On this moment or my life in general?