Casey [hands Chuck a red rose]: Aren't you forgetting something, Romeo?
Chuck: Oh, of course. Let me guess, this is equipped with some kind of microscopic, infrared tracking device that determines... her mother's Communist affiliations?
Casey: No, idiot. It's so you can get laid

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Chuck Bartowski, John Casey
Chuck Season 1 Episode 9: "Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami"
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Chuck Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I know I was a jerk the other night, which I am fully ready to blame on the alcohol or global warming or my allergy to neon

Chuck [leaving a voicemail]

Sarah [about Chuck's date]: Maybe I should go in.
Casey: Same bit with you, huh?
Sarah: What's that supposed to mean?
Casey: You need me to spell it out? Fine, you fall for guys you work with. First Bryce, now our boy Chuck.
Sarah: Bryce was a mistake, and I haven't fallen for Chuck.
Casey: Yeah, whatever you say. And just so we're clear, sister, Not Interested