Frank: Be careful, Eli. Going against the visions.. .it's risky.
Eli: Yeah? Well, if God wanted a puppet for a prophet, he should've chosen an accountant.

Eli Stone
Eli Stone Season 2 Episode 5: " The Humanitarian"
Eli Stone
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Eli Stone Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Eli: Posner & Klein can kiss my hundred-grand-a-week retainer ass!
Jordan: Whoa!
Eli: That's how we do things downtown! Sorry.
Jordan: Quite all right. If I were more prone to outbursts of emotions, I'd probably be doing a little jig.
Eli: That I would pay real money to see.

Eli: As you pointed out, sir, some of our people are in contact with their people, so some cross-pollination is bound to occur.
Taylor: I'm not pollinating anything with Matt.
Eli: I didn't say you were. I was just trying to imply that you are pillow-talking our business plan with him.
Taylor: I am not the leak, Eli, and to prove it, I'm gonna found out who it is. Happy?
Eli: Ecstatic
Jordan: Your management skills are as deft as ever.