Kenya: Can you image if Datak could see us right now?
Stahma: Kenya, listen to me very carefully. If my husband ever found out we'd been together he'd kill us both without hesitation or mercy.
Kenya: It's his loss. I would have given him the 2 for 1 deal.

Defiance Season 1 Episode 7: "Good Bye Blue Sky"
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Defiance Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Nolan: what are you doing? Did you remember to pack your socks? You know how grumpy you get when your feet are cold.
Irisa: I'm going to the Badlands. Sukar is in danger. I had a vision. [walks out and right back in] You coming or not?

Dr. Yewll: Sukar attacked me. He started tearing apart my equipment. I tried to stop him.
Nolan: Are you sure it was Sukar? The Spirit Riders told me he was dead.
Dr Yewll: Well for a dead guy he kicked the crap out of me pretty good.