Carmen: I'm more comfortable in like, bars.
Rachel: I'm more comfortable in St. Bart's but I work here.

Wow, a white couch. Really, here in the splash zone at Sea World?

Carmen: Guys, come on. He stills sleeps with a night light.
Pindar: Don't tell them I told you.

I have seen you two get excited by the Land O' Lakes butter girl.

Carmen: Why are we getting American Sausage Maker?
Pindar: I enjoy encased meats, if I know exactly what's in them.

This is going to look like a cult abduction if it's not handled well.

Carmen: How did we spend $200 on handkerchiefs?
Jared: I'm studying magic.

Franklin & Bash Quotes

See that's a talent, sounding like a total asshole even when you're supposedly saying something sincere.


"Sorry, sorry. Jean Claude Van Damme marathon last night. Unavoidable.