Divya: I have to move to London.
Evan: Of course you do and when we replace you with another sexy Indian PA it won't be the same.
Divya: I appreciate that.

There's no way he's a super anything.

Parents think they know the best.

Are you spying on me?

I missed you guys - I even missed staff meetings.

You young man are a good kisser.

It's Divya!

I guess anyone who breaks up over text messages isn't the "One".

Divya: I feel useless out here. Is that what it's like to be you?
Evan: Do you treat patients with that bedside manner?

Evan: Divya, it's not a situation. It's a wedding. It's-It's two people in love, forcing their friends to dance to We Are Family. You know? It's-It's sac... Wait a minute. Is this an arranged marriage?
Divya: Why?! Why, because I'm Indian?! Why, that's-that's quite an unenlightened stereotype. (off Evan's stare) Yes. It's a strategic marriage.

Evan: So, why don't you just, uh, drop me at the dealership, do your follow-up call and pick me up on your way back?
Divya: Because that would deprive us of valuable bonding time.
Evan: Okay. Great. Cool. What do you... What would you like to...
Divya: Evan. It's because they're in opposite directions. I was being sarcastic.
Evan: Yeah. Right, yeah. Well, it's hard to tell with your accent sometimes.

Bonnie: Divya Katdare. What are the odds?
Divya: What are the odds of what?
Bonnie: Your mother hired me to help plan your engagement party.
Evan: Huh. Your what?
Divya: Evan, go wait in the car.
Bonnie: In fact, I just got the mock-up of the invitation. Where is it? Ah. Here we go.
Divya: I'm sure you are mistaken.
Bonnie: You're saying there's two Divya Katdares in the Hamptons?
Evan: Yeah, the odds of that would be...
Divya: Evan, go wait in the car!