Here we are alone, miles away from everything and everyone, and I can't help but think...

You have some real issues, ya know?

Emma: Ok people are staring at me.
Laurel: It's probably that "A" you got on your history final. Or that your boyfriend just got arrested for murder.

Emma: I trust Ethan.
Mads: That's great...
Emma: What?
Mads: I'm just wondering if you can trust Sutton.

I'm not Sutton Mercer!!!

We just found out that Annie Hobbs isn't our mother and you're asking me about a blouse?

So you're not just kicking me out of your house, you're kicking me out of your life?

You have so much and you take it for granted!

I don't wanna talk about this. This back and forth, being two people, it's exhausting. I'm gonna lose it.

You think she's dead, don't you...

Hell hath no fury like a twin scorned.

Emma: You're a vindictive bitch.
Sutton: Gosh there's that twin thing again! I was about to say the same exact thing.

The Lying Game Quotes

You definitely got the smart half of the embryo.


I always say that "Hope is grief's best music."


The Lying Game Music

  Song Artist
Off the wall Off The Wall Cham Pain iTunes
Magic bullets for romance For Romance Magic Bullets iTunes
The light brigade when the world plays tricks on you When The World Plays Tricks On You The Light Brigade iTunes