Talk about peeing in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Wu: This is *a lot* of dead bats.
Hank: And yet, I’m not surprised.

Monroe: But if you’re right, and this is in some old Grimm book, this could be predetermined!
Hank: We’re talking *fate*?
Monroe: Yeah, in a way. Which of course means *this* conversation was supposed to be.
Wu: ...okay, this is just one big existential migraine.

Hank: I should have gone with him!
Wu: Well, the invitation *wasn’t* really extended to us.
Monroe: Nick was adamant about going solo.
Hank: Well, I’m adamant about getting him outta there!

Mason Wilcox: I didn’t kill her!
Nick: Then why’d you run?
Hank: Don’t you know we *hate* that?

Nick: I had this… weird feeling.
Wu: What kinda weird feeling?
Nick: *Not* normal weird.
Wu: Yeah, but when *you* get a weird feeling, it’s different from when *I* get a weird feeling.
Hank: I’m gettin’ a weird vibe here, too…
Wu: Okay, now I’m getting a weird vibe feeling. But I don’t know if it’s yours or mine.

Well, that could lead one to believe that someone cut off the arms of Robert Johansson and Martin Dominguez and beat Dr. Hampton to death with them, leaving their fingerprints at the crime scene. However… I have a feeling that’s *wrong!*

Dr. Levy: Sometimes science requires you to ask forgiveness rather than permission.
Hank: Not quite how the law works.

Rosalee: Hank! Thank God! I need your help, something terrible is happening!
Hank: Don’t I know it! I have been interrupted in a beautiful place on a beautiful day from the one true love of my life! Do you hear me?! [sees his reflection in a mirror] You! Baby!

Hank: Someone woke up in a bad mood, smashed a guy’s head into the pavement.
Nick: You’re happy about this?
Hank: No! But I’ll take a cold-blooded murder over an unsolvable ancient riddle about the universe *any* day. The only Big Bang Theory I wanna deal with is one from a gun.

Hank: I think whatever it is was in his head, and it’s a little late to nail *that* shut…
Nick: So you’re thinking it’s just mental?
Hank: No, I'm never *just* thinking that… But one could always hope…

I do not like dead bodies on an empty stomach.

Grimm Quotes

Adult Kelly [narrating]: “He [Nick] didn’t know what to tell them. But this time, Zerstörer did *not* come through the mirror, anywhere in the world. Because, in the final, epic battle, with the terrible beast from the Other Place, Nick Burkhardt discovered that the only way to defeat such evil was with the strength of his blood: his aunt Marie, his mother Kelly, and Trubel, his third cousin on his mother’s side. The power of our ancestors. And though the people of our world would never know how close they had come to hell on Earth, *we* knew. Because he never turned away from who he was -- a Grimm. And for that reason, the world was changed. Now, some will say it’s just a myth, legend, or fairy tale. But I know it’s true, because my father told me so.”

Come on let's have a brew. And, by the way, you're paying for that window.