I'm ready to not let anything interrupt us, Jill, and I guess I came here to find out if...if you are too.

This whole summer I thought I was finally getting ready to put down my roots and settle down, but the truth is I don't feel like I'm settling down. I'm afraid I just may be settling.

I realize, I need to find a new way to live.

We’ve emptied your bladder, filled you full of antibiotics, and away we go!

Ken Keller's not going to die. Not on my floor and not in my sweats.

Hans: I hit my face on the ice and broke the floor of my eye socket. I was saving my little brother when he fell through.
Hank: Of course you were.

Jill: I thought you weren't worried about Hans.
Hank: I'm not, but I'm worried about you.

Evan: I can't even comprehend it. How does a guy just walk out on people like that?
Hank: Practice.

Even my dad, the reformed hustler and flake has beaten me to the altar.

Life just keeps throwing us curve balls, doesn’t it? Curve balls filled with anxiety.

With Boris, nothing is as simple as it seems. The last thing I want is to be sucked into a hospital bureaucracy.

I will be right here the entire time.

Royal Pains Quotes

I will let you get back to shucking oyster. I am gonna go shuck Evan.


Divya: I'm not worried about finding something fancy. I am worried about finding something I can fit in to.
Evan: I actually have an old camping tent you can borrow if you like.