Jack: We've been in love since the first time we saw each other.
Grace: You mean in heat? We've been in heat since the first time we saw each other.
Jack: The two feelings are kind of confusing.

Jack: You and Amy still getting married?
Ricky: Yeah you wanna weigh in on that too?

Adrian: Why can you not accept that you need help?
Jack: Why can't anyone accept the fact that I don't need help when I've got all the help I need in Jesus Christ our lord.

After a good night's sleep and after talking to Tom and after shooting you, I feel a lot better, I really do.

They did and they didn't, I think it reached who cares status a few weeks ago. Except for Ben of course.

Can't a person be in love with two people at the same time?

Grace: We don't need to spend so much time alone. It's only gonna make us wanna have sex.
Jack: I'm always gonna wanna have sex with you.

I wanted to make you as crazy as I am.

He is so married!

You didn't just tell me I could come over, you told me I could sleep over and have lots of sex with you.

I just don't believe you just wanna be just friends.

Life is like that, it hits you where it hurts. But put a few ice packs on it and you'll get through it.