I used to be a doctor back home. Now I'm a cocaine farmer.

Do it. Make your move. Take your shot. We don't get that many.

I grew up on Nancy Reagan and just say no.

Lily: It's an illegal drug.
Mateo: It's a leaf.
Lily: That gets made into an illegal drug.

You turn into a pumpkin at the sound of police sirens.

Yeah, he's smooth, he's hot. He's also a wanted criminal. It makes something as simple as organizing a second date so complicated.

This surgery is going to be rough enough without you biting our heads off. So bite now and get it over with.

Lily: He could be dying right now.
Mina: Yeah.
Lily: Or he's fine and he's just not into me.
Mina: Either, or.

Lily: My patient who is most likely a serial killer just busted his stitches.
Mina: Awesome.

Celibacy. Because living in a Spanish soap opera is overrated and a little bit humiliating, actually.

He gets fifty bucks. That's it. And he hands over all of my medicine and if he doesn't he better pray to God he never gets sick anywhere near me because I'm going to be a doctor her for a long, long time. And I don't care if he's on the ground bleeding from both eyeballs. It's going to be at least 200 bucks before I take his damn blood pressure.

You don't have to worry about me. I'm a play by the rules kind of girl. Wouldn't even know how to grease a palm. I'd probably start with a good moisturizer.

Off the Map Quotes

Practicing tropical medicine in a third-world country is a different game... You don't have high tech, you don't have big pharma - you have your brain, you have your instincts.


They don't give a crap about the work. They're just padding their resumes with a little third world do gooding.