If you win, anything is possible.

I don't control the wind. I only study it.

Only her words remain with us now.

Tonight, we'll get good and drunk

Even when there's evil in this land, no one has the right to tear the realm apart. Crimson Sky was a mistake.

Why is it that only those who have never fought in a battle are so eager to be in one?

Death is the end of having lived. It is an affirmation of life itself.

You so easily fell for their trap. Broken to another man's fist. Like a falcon without the beauty.

When will you understand? You are playing a game of friends and enemies, when you have only yourself in this life.

I think you should abandon this war. You are outnumbered. There is no hope for you.

So sorry. It was my understanding that you were loyal to our lord.


I don't seek to be Shogun. That title is a brutal relic. From a bygone era.

Shogun Quotes

I'd say our chances are fare. This is not where we die.


Insults? How dare you imply that Lord Ishido insulted me.