Amy: You're just marrying me because of John.
Ricky: What difference does it make?
Amy: It makes all the difference in the world.

Ben: May the best man win.
Ricky: The best man did win

You wanna know the truth? When I have sex with Amy I don't really feel anything. You know why Ethan? Because I slept with too many girls.

I'm happy for you Jack, but I don't wanna be your best man. I don't best man.

If you want me to hear what Adrian said then you're gonna have to say it to me yourself. This is it Amy, you're in or you're out

If Amy Juergens doesn't marry me, it's gonna take a lifetime to get over it. And I'll just be satisfied being the best dad I can be.

Maybe you should go get some help and stop hurting people around you. And then maybe somebody can love you.

I don't know if you realize, but summer school starts the same day band camp started 4 years ago.

Adrian: You would actually let her live with Ben?
Ricky: He's really not a threat to me now, not that he ever has been.

It's my mother's wedding band, it means a lot to her...even if it means nothing to you.

I don't wanna make her. I want her to want to stay her and I want her to want to get married.

Jack: You and Amy still getting married?
Ricky: Yeah you wanna weigh in on that too?