She will never be the mother she should have been. It's up to you whether or not you want the mother you got.

Nora: Are you spying on him again?
Sarah: Well, googling is not spying. It's social networking.

Sarah: 7.5 isn't bad.
Kitty: You can build on it.

[on Roy] He's never seen Spinal Tap.

You were doin' somethin' that was feelin' good, so go with it.

[to Kevin] Oh, by the way, I'm glad Scotty's sperm's better than yours — us Walkers need to stop reproducing.

Sarah: I know where this is going. I've been down this road before -- feeling like I'm the only one taking responsibility.
Luc: Can't we just be happy?
Sarah: It just sounds so naive.
Luc: To me, that sounds cynical.

Sarah: What are we, Luc?
Luc: Sorry. Always trying to label everything. Us, wine, soaps.
Sarah: Yeah, I guess that's what grown-ups do. That's how we know something's real

Come on! Listen! Picking out feelings in yourself that match some cancer profile -- it's like looking at the horoscope in the comics page. You know, it fits anybody.

Paige: Luc's your boyfriend, isn't he?
Sarah: Well, he is a friend, and yes, he's a boy. I met him in France, and after I got back, he decided to come see me.
Paige: I thought it was weird that there was a random French guy staying at grandma's house.

Kevin: My boss is on sick leave. As is my sex life.
Sarah: Great! I mean not your sex life. But this is great, this is good. I mean, you guys could have some real quality brother time.
Kevin: Don't push it.

Ryan: Growing up we had this rule. No religion, politics or sex at the table.
Sarah: Oh don't worry. We hardly ever have sex at the table.

Brothers & Sisters Quotes

No, no. No 'Buts'. You're not allowed to give up. You're not allowed to give up because you believe in your gut that this is right. And besides, we've all inherited this absurd drive to make things that, that yes, they seem complicated and they're messy, but we can turn them into something great.


Do I at least get a cigarette and a chance to say my last words?