Savanah: I need to know I can depend on you
Dan: Understood.. Go ahead, depend

Having a sister means you're always going to have family.

Savannah: Did I beat Nasty Kathy's high score?
Dan: No, but she has God on her side.

Lewis and Nasty Kathy? I just don't get it.

I'm repulsed, but proud.

If I lived my life on the way people judge me, I'd seriously be missing out.

You went to talk to my sister about me and you slept with her?

Please don't joke about cheerleading, it gives me a nervous stomach.

I'm a winner by nature.

My parents are snobs.

I'm supposed to take a promise from you at face value?

Marti: Do you remember the last time you got drunk?
Savannah: Yes, Dan got beat up and arrested. Here's hoping lightning strikes twice.

Hellcats Quotes

There is a scholarship for cheerleading? For being a football groupie?


You know what gets me through? Hope.