Winston: Believe this jackass?
Chance: That's our client.

John Doe: The odds of me being good are getting bad aren't they?
Ames: J.D., I don't care what you did, now this is a sign. You, me, a van full of cash, the open road.
Winston: Hey, do you want to roll your tongue back in your head and step away from the van.

Winston: Bad kid.
Guerrero: No he's not. I know bad people. This kid isn't bad he's a punk. Show me some bodies then we can talk.

Chance: I suppose we could just let Marcus kill her. Well, its up to you, we're either in or we're all out. Is she worth it?
Winston: Just to be clear, I aint sharing a cell with either of you.

Well gentlemen, whenever women enter the picture things tend to get a little bit messy.

Winston: Gentlemen clientele.
Chance: Pretty safe to say.
Winston: Noting safe about that place.
Chance: Are you worried about me?

Winston: Ok, so you want to tell me why we're taking this case?
Chance: Seven years ago I killed her husband.

Guerrero: Who's the dude?
Winston: You're drunk.
Chance: You're not wearing your glasses.
Guerrero: Fell into a meat grinder, new pair won't be ready until tomorrow.

Chance: Winston, I'm sorry for getting you into this mess. I'm sorry for whatever torture you had to endure because of me. Most of all, I'm sorry about Aunt Suzy.
Winston: Aunt Suzy? No man, not Aunt Suzy (then he shoots Winston).

Winston: Sorry Mrs. Pucci, normally we are a lot more professional than this.
Chance: No we're not.

Winston: Man, you see me here drinking at 2:30 in the afternoon; you really want to antagonize me about my name? What the hell's the matter with you, you got a death wish or something?
Chance: Not that I'm aware of.

Winston: Yeah, I've got a name that sounds like a girl's name. I also carry a 45, I got a history of disciplinary problems, and this aint my first drink today. So, you got another comment?
Chance: You can call me Connie.

Human Target Quotes

People have secrets and secrets are dangerous, so what are you keeping from me?

Christopher Chance

In 3 hours one way or another this thing is going to be over.

Christopher Chance