Price: Everything that's happened today. I don't know, it's like you spend your whole life playing this game and then suddenly someone changes the rules.
Kate: I know.
Price: I really want to find this girl.

Kate McGinn, Price Whatley
Past Life Season 1 Episode 1: "Pilot"
Past Life
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Past Life Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Price: I guess sometimes evil is just evil. I'll say this, I would have never believed what just happened it I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.
Kate: The greater the doubt, the greater the awakening.
Price: Wow, that's pretty profound for being up all night.
Kate: It's Einstein; I saw it on a bumper sticker once.

Price: It must be hard being so damn right all the time.
Kate: It is a burden, but I've lived with it.
Price: Just so you know, I still think you're crazy.