Samuel: Mr. Boone. Your children. Are they Christian?
Charles: They are as much or as little Christian as they choose to be, sir.
Samuel: We prayed we'd seen the last Boone.
Charles: And why is that?
Samuel: Because your family is a plague on this town.
Charles: That will be enough, sir. Now, I don't what happened between you and my family, but neither myself nor my children were a part of that. We went nothing more than a fresh start here.
Samuel: I'm sorry to disappoint you.

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Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 1: "Blood Calls Blood"
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Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I guess this is where you go after the portrait gallery.


Children? I have something to share. We've inherited a sawmill and a house in Maine from my cousin, Steven, a man I barely knew. He said he wanted to heal an old rift in our family. Even has a name. Chapelwaite.