Rory: Okay, that's a good idea. But, if we went with that, we'd actually have to build a robot.
Madeline: Yes we would.
Rory: And who knows how to do that?
Madeline: I don't know. (points to Brad) He looks like he should know!
Brad: I've never built a robot!
Louise: (leans over toward him) But you've tried haven't you?
Brad: Yes I have.

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Rory Gilmore
Gilmore Girls Season 2 Episode 18: "Back in the Saddle Again"
Gilmore Girls
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Gilmore Girls Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Lorelai: Do you want a soda?
Dean: No, thanks. I'm gonna go. Uh, don't tell Rory I was here, okay?
Lorelai: Hey, I'm just sitting here at the table talking to myself. . .again.

Lorelai: You have a new special.
Luke: I sure do.
Lorelai: Nice. What is the special omelet?
Luke: You won't like it.
Lorelai: How do you know?
Luke: Because you've been eating here for years and I know what you like, and you won't like it.
Lorelai: Can I at least hear what it is?
Luke: Fine. It's three eggs with bits of bacon.
Lorelai: I like bacon.
Luke: Cubed tomatoes.
Lorelai: Sounds good.
Luke: Swiss cheese and a dash of oregano.
Lorelai: A dash, he says.
Luke: I've got other customers here.
Lorelai: I'm gonna go with the special omelet.
Luke: Okay.
Lorelai: With a side of bacon.
Luke: There's bacon in the omelet.
Lorelai: Oh, then skip the bacon.
Luke: The side of bacon?
Lorelai: The bacon in the omelet.
Luke: Hold the bacon.
Lorelai: Can I get Jack cheese?
Luke: On the side?
Lorelai: Instead of Swiss, Swiss is so stringy.
Luke: Fine, Jack cheese.
Lorelai: Also, I think I'm allergic to oregano so hold that, too, and some coffee.
Luke: So, just the eggs, tomatoes, and Jack cheese.
Lorelai: Not too many tomatoes.
Luke: Light on the tomatoes.
Lorelai: Very light, just a teeny-tiny amount, practically none.
Luke: I'm skipping the tomatoes. It's an omelet with Jack cheese.
Lorelai: Perfect.
Luke: You did this on purpose.
Lorelai: Did what?
Rory: French toast for me. (to Lorelai) That was cruel.