Prince Jocerys will fly north. First to the Eyrie to see my mother's cousin, the Lady Jane Allen. And then to Winterfell to treat with Lord Cragan Stark for the support of the North. Prince Lucerys will fly south to Storm's End and treat with Lord Boros Baratheon. We must remind these lords of the oaths they swore and the cost of breaking them. It's been said that as Targaryens, we are closer to gods than to men. The Iron Throne puts us a touch closer, perhaps. But, if we are to serve the Seven Kingdoms, we must answer to their gods. If you take this errand, you go as messengers, not as warriors. You must take no part in any fighting. Swear it to me now, under the eyes of the Seven.


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House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 10: "The Black Queen"
House of the Dragon
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House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Rhaenys: Those boys will not be safe so long as Aegon is king.
Corlys: Rhaenyra was complicit in our son's death. That girl destroys everything she touches.
Rhaenys: That girl is holding the realm together at present. Every man standing around the Painted Table urges her to plunge the realm into war. Rhaenyra is the only one who's demonstrated restraint.

Rhaenyra: Princess Rhaenys, might we hope for news of Lord Corlys's recovery?
Rhaenys: Viserys is dead. I grieve this loss with you, Rhaenyra. My cousin. Your father. Possessed a kind heart. There is more. Aegon has been crowned as his successor.
Daemon: They crowned him. How did Viserys die?
Rhaenys: I could not say.
Daemon: How long ago? A day past, perhaps two. I was made a prisoner in my quarters while the Queen made her preparations.
Daemon: Viserys has been slain. Alicent demanded you declare for Aegon.
Rhaenys: She did. I refused her.
Daemon: And yet you are alive.
Rhaenys: The High Septon crowned Aegon in the Dragonpit. I witnessed it myself just before I fled on Maelys. They crowned him before the masses. So that the masses would see him as their rightful king.
Daemon: That whοre of a queen murdered my brother and stole his throne, and you could have burned more for it.
Rhaenys: A war is like to be fought over this treachery, to be sure. But that war is not mine to begin. I only rushed this warning to you out of loyalty to my husband and to my house. The greens are coming for you, Rhaenyra.